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Bus Driver Leaves Child on Bus

Stephen DepoloA school bus driver has been charged with felony child endangerment after she accidentally left a child alone on a bus while she went to Zumba class on Tuesday. According to authorities, Miriam Keren Contreras did not see the child when she dropped the other children off at their final destination at school. She also did not check the school bus before she ended her route. Fonwood Early Childhood Center administrators followed the school’s standard procedure and called the child’s parents in order to confirm the absence. The parents confirmed that their child was supposed to be in school. A search for the child began immediately and she was found, unharmed inside the parked bus at a facility where Contreras was attending a workout session. Contreras was arrested and her bail set at $2,000. Every parent worries when their child is out of sight and away from home. It’s always difficult to entrust a child to the care and safekeeping of others. Getting that call that a child is somehow not where they should be can be absolutely terrifying. Not knowing what has happened to them between home and school can understandably cause parents to panic. If your child has been put into danger, or injured in an incident travelling to and from school, give us a call. Time is of the essence in such cases that involve school buses or other forms of transportation. Often there are limitations on how much time you have in order to file a claim. Having an experienced attorney who knows the law and knows your rights and who will fight on your side is important. We have years of experience in the Houston area courts successfully representing our clients and we’ll work diligently for you. Your initial consultation with our legal office is without cost or obligation to you.

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