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Be Careful Driving At Night

Driving at night is a risky activity. The chances of getting into an accident rise. Nighttime drivers have to contend with fatigue, a higher chance of drunk drivers, darkness, glare from headlights, and much more.

Many accidents happen after midnight. One happened recently in the area according to the Houston Chronicle. Three vehicles were wrapped up in a crash at Old Spanish Trail and Peerless in south Houston near the OST lounge. Two people were taken to the hospital.

If you have to drive at night, here are some precautions you can take to increase your safety:

  • Don’t drive drunk and be extra careful to stay away from vehicles that are driving unsafely. If you see a vehicle driving erratically, call 911.
  • Don’t drive when you’re fatigued. You lose the same amount of coordination as you do driving drunk. If you are getting tired, pull over and sleep somewhere.
  • Use your high-beams judiciously. The glare from high beams can blind other drivers and make them drive erratically. If you see another driver coming, turn them off.
  • Make sure that all of your lights work. They are your safety lifeline in dark corridors.
  • Follow all traffic laws. Some people take risks or break laws thinking they won’t get caught at such a late hour. Don’t be one of those people.

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