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Child Struck by Pickup Truck, Killed

Child Struck by Pickup Truck, KilledThere are times when the news rings tragic events, ones which appear to be so very senseless and infuriating.  Sometimes, the lives of little children hang in the balance, and nobody is aware until just that moment when the true story is revealed.  Such as it is in this case. There was probably a reason why the six-year-old boy was running around at 7pm.  Perhaps he was playing, perhaps he thought that there was something on the other side, but he was running across the street.  At the same time, however, a pickup truck was going down the street, oblivious to the part that he was playing. The driver didn’t see the child in time, striking him and causing him to careen headlong into critical condition.  Nothing could be done – it was a fluke accident, something so tragic that it should only happen in the movies. The little guy was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  The pickup driver was questioned at the scene, but it was determined that there was nothing that he could have done – as he was released without charges.  The Houston Police Department is continuing its investigation. Would that this tragedy on Fleming could have had a happier ending, but that is the nature of tragedies, is it not?  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the youngster. Tragic cases like these are usually very hard to deal with, and the families involved want something that they can wrap their minds around.  A Houston car accident attorney can sort it out the details and try to obtain some simple solace for those affected. Give us a call if you find yourself seeking solace and justice.

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