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Crazy Accident at Walmart may have been Medical

download (32)Three things which shouldn’t be mixed together are vehicles, medical conditions, and large crowded areas.  This particular incident, fortunately, didn’t have as many accidents as it possible could have, and for that we’re thankful. It was the parking lot of a Walmart.  People were streaming in and out, enjoying their day.  The fire department says that the man might have had a medical event happen in his vehicle, one which caused him to race his vehicle into a semi and another vehicle. He was driving about 50 miles an hour, and it was initially thought that one person was dead, but that was misreported.  We can bet, however, that there were injuries for which people had to be carried to the hospital. These particular types of accidents happen all the time, from Houston to Tempe to Boston.  Things are fine one moment, and then it’s thrown into absolute chaos when the gas pedal gets jammed to the floor. Have you been the victim of an accident like this?  Are you wondering what to do with the injuries, who to turn to about the medical bills?  Give us a call for your free consultation.  We can help sort it out and get to the bottom of your car accident worries.

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