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Dozens of Students Taken to Hospital after Crash

downloadSchool buses carry precious cargo, our children. Any accident involving a school bus will get covered by the news because parents want to know if their children are okay. Even accidents where there are no children on the bus will get some notice. But this story isn’t so clean. 29 students were injured after a car rear-ended their car on a field trip. Thankfully, none of the students had major injuries and everyone that was on the bus was released from the hospital. The trip to the hospital was done as a precaution. News footage showed minor damage to the rear end of the bus. The driver of the sedan was also taken to the hospital. The area where they were driving is one well-known for accidents. There have been nine accidents on the same small stretch of road in the last six months, one of them deadly. Hopefully this will spur local officials to take action to make the road safer. If your child has been injured while under the care of a school bus, it is important to find out who is at fault and who will pay for injuries. The school may carry insurance for such rare instances, but will they pay enough to cover for their injuries? Make sure it happens by having a personal injury attorney on your side that can investigate the settlement. Contact our Houston accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

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