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Driver in Arizona Plows Through Start of Bike Race, Seven Injured

In a story that made national news, authorities arrested a man accused of crashing his pickup truck into a group of racing bicyclists in Arizona. Click2Houston reports.

The driver is accused of plowing through the cyclists gathered before the race. One witness believed he picked up speed before the crash. Seven cyclists went to the hospital, six in critical condition.

After hitting the cyclists, the driver hit a telephone pole. Cyclists at the scene went to the truck and pounded at the window, but the driver backed out, drove down the road and made a U-turn. The race participants thought he may try to hit them again, but he drove off.

Police started a chase to catch the man. In order to stop him, he had to be shot when he stopped at a nearby hardware store. He survived and is now hospitalized. Police are still determining a motive for the crash.

Court records show that the man has a history of DUI and assaults, among other crimes. He was uncooperative during the arrest.

We sincerely hope that all of the victims in the crash recover fully and that the police investigate this matter thoroughly. Cyclists have a right to the road, especially for sanctioned road races cleared with officials.

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