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Driver Inexperience Causes Accidents

A crash occurred on Highways 225 and 146 involving a tanker truck. The truck fell off of the Highway 146 southbound exit ramp to Highway 225 West around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 18th. The 18-wheeler crashed approximately 25 to the ground below. Both men who were in the cab of the truck were airlifted by Life Flight to the hospital.   The victims worked for Safeway Transportation out of Louisiana. Officials state that the cause of the accident is unclear, however, the person behind the wheel of the truck was an on-the-job trainee who was being instructed by a veteran trucker at the time of the crash.   The accident managed to shut down both shut down both Highway 146 and Highway 225, causing traffic snags for several hours. Highway 146 opened up only to be shut down just before the morning commute on Wednesday. Crews were burning off the truck’s load of propane creating a very large flame near the scene of the crash. Officials say that even after gas has been burned off, the road will still need to be inspected for any damage that might cause a problem for motorists on the highway before it can be reopened again.   In any given year, there are approximately 6,000 truck accidents in the State of Texas that result in injury or death. Many of those accidents are caused by either driver error or inexperience. It is the nature of the trucking industry that often requires drivers to stay on the road far too long and rush to meet almost impossible deadlines to deliver their loads. Truck drivers are sometimes forced into situations that may cause them to be impaired by sleep deprivation or the abuse of certain substances or medications in order to just to make a living. This can sometimes cause them to take unnecessary risks on the road. These risks can lead to impairment of judgement or reaction times and can cause accidents.   18-wheel trucking rigs have a distinct advantage over other motorists because of their sheer size. Sometimes a fully loaded truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds of some 40 tons! Hazardous materials such as propane, petrol and other potential dangerous substances are often transported by these large trucks, thus increasing other potential dangers for other drivers who may be sharing the road at the same time. Driver experience plays a crucial role in avoiding potentially hazardous situations. Even in the best case scenarios and with experienced drivers, accidents do happen.   If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a heavy truck, you need an experienced legal professional in your corner. Truck accidents can be very serious and even deadly. Settlement cases surrounding such accidents can be lengthy and confusing. This is why you deserve the counsel of experienced attorneys in the Houston area who will take the time to discuss all of the options surrounding your case. By giving our offices a call you are taking an important step toward receiving the compensation for any property damage, medical expenses or other losses that were the direct result of your accident. Give our offices a call today and speak to one of our attorney’s today.

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