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Drunk Driver Causes Chain Reaction Accident

When you’re getting into a car, you’re taking your life into your own hands.  You have to contend with the other drivers on the road while all of you make sure that you make it safely home.

There are some, however, who don’t play by the rules as they travel the Houston streets.  They’re the ones who drink before they drive, steering their cars erratically and otherwise causing chaos.

In this instance, there was a chain reaction accident that left a woman dead.  There was a 3-year old injured in the course of this accident, and several more injured.  All because one man decided to drink one too many.

It was early in the morning, just after bars traditionally close.  The accused drunk driver was driving the wrong way down the freeway when he nailed another vehicle.

This vehicle slammed into another one, causing a big crunch-up on the highway.  So many people were taken to the local-area hospitals.  The extent of the damages and more information about who was hurt was not released.

In the case of fatal accidents in Houston, what do you do, who do you call?  There are so many options and opportunities to make a bad decision in a time of stress and need.

That’s why it’s vital to have an experienced, dependable Houston accident attorney on your side.  He’s trained to get to the bottom of the crash, working hard to get every penny that you’re owed. Give us a call today if you’ve been in this situation.

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