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Father Accidentally Shoots Son In Alleged Road Rage Incident

A child is in critical condition after an accidental shooting by his father after an alleged road rage incident in Houston. ABC News reports.

The accident happened last Friday in Houston’s Fifth Ward late in the evening. The father and the nine-year-old child were driving home. The father believed another car was following them and pulled out a gun, according to the report.

They made it home with no incident, but when the father tried to re-holster the gun it accidentally discharged and hit his son in the chest. The child is in critical condition at Texas Children’s Hospital, but is expected to survive.

Police are trying to determine if the pair were actually being followed or if there was a road rage incident that started this. So far, Houston police are not charging the father with any crimes but their investigation continues.

Carrying a gun in a vehicle is risky if you can reach out to get it. Road rage can make people do violent things they wouldn’t normally do. When deadly weapons are close by, the situation can escalate rapidly.

We hope the child recovers completely and that the father thinks twice about carrying a weapon in his car. Perhaps gun safety lessons are also in order.

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