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Galveston Teen Bicyclist Injured in Collision with an Ambulance

It seems no matter what you do, the potential for an accident is always present. Obeying the rules of the road and being aware of your surroundings is of the utmost importance. But even when you have taken every precaution, you can still be in an accident. That is what happened when a Galveston teen on a bicycle collided with an ambulance on Sunday, July 27th. The accident occurred when a 15-year-old male, whose name has been withheld by authorities, was injured late in the 9500 block of Seawall Blvd. around 10:30 p.m. According to a Galveston spokesperson, the cyclist was travelling east bound on Seawall Blvd—in the westbound lane of traffic—when he collided with an ambulance that was traveling westbound. The cyclist, travelling against the flow of traffic placed him in direct path of the ambulance. Police also indicate that the cyclist was not riding with adequate lighting equipment. The ambulance stopped to render aid to the injured teen. His injuries included numerous fractures as well as contusions. The teen cyclist was then transported to an area hospital via ambulance. So far, no charges have been filed in the accident. When you or a loved one are hurt in an accident, the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitative care and the amount of time and money off the job can make it almost unbearable. That is the time you need to seek the help of an experienced and committed legal professional. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an ambulance or other type of emergency vehicle, call our offices today most emergency services are run and administered through a city or other municipality. Taking quick action is important. We have years of experience in the Houston and Texas courts and we can help you in your time of need. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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