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Gamer Got a little Greedy, Robs Gamestop, Flips Car

Gamer Got a little Greedy, Robs Gamestop, Flips CarSometimes, the accident is a cause of something else which is going on in someone’s life.  In this case, we have a robbery which was the cause of a police chase, crash, and fatality. A man in his mid-20’s was on probation for robbery.  He decided that he would try it again, this time by robbing a Gamestop and possibly taking several console games.  The robbery was called in, and a marked police officer gave chase when the driver fled. With no respect for the red lights or intersections, police were led down the road straight into the corner of a Starbucks.  The vehicle that he was driving, an Impala, flipped over on impact, and the driver was dead at the scene. Though it was an armed robbery, the weapon that he used to rob the Gamestop was a BB gun.  There were a couple of cars hit along the way, and they have been treated for injuries from the flying debris from the store.  We’re hoping for a fast recovery. We can never know what was on the mind of the person who died.  We can, however, offer our assistance to those who are in wrecks all over the city.  We understand and know about the mounting medical bills and insurance fights.  We’re here for you if you give us a call for a free consultation.

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