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Good Samaritan Helps in Accident

Dan Olen Winfrey, aged 61, died when his SUV rammed into a USPS trailer.  The SUV rolled several times, causing fatal injuries.  As a result of this accident, its cleanup, and investigation, lanes on the Southwest Freeway were shut down for at least six hours.   The team here wishes the family their condolences. While the story about the accident is tragic, there was a silver lining which reaffirms the faith in the human race.  When victims of the accident were yelling help, Mazi Keyghodadi, the owner of the nearby Rooms Furniture, immediately went into action.  He knew that the time was limited, as there was smoke coming out of the collision between the truck and the car. Like all accidents, this was something completely unexpected.  “It happened all of a sudden.  We were just minding our own business and this happened.  It was surprising for us.”  These types of accidents can happen anywhere, any time.  “…I grabbed a mattress, another person next door grabbed it with me and we got it closer to the car so the guy could jump.” Unfortunately, the rescue effort was clouded by an explosion, where they never saw the man again.  The mattress brigade of Rooms Furniture should be lauded, however, as there are many who would have let the opportunity to do well slip through their fingertips.  Cheers to you, for keeping your head up during someone’s time of need. Nobody expects or welcomes being in an accident.  We don’t expect to be pulled into the fire, called upon to bring mattresses or do what we can do to help.  Sometimes, it just happens, and we have to be there.  Injuries can sometimes happen during these types of rescue attempts, and as attorneys, we make sure that we get to the bottom of the affair. If you’ve been injured in an accident, or you’ve been injured being a Good Samaritan, give us a call at our offices.  We’ll make sure that you get the compensation and the treatment that you deserve.

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