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Grieving Mother Says She Told Father ‘Not to Drive” Under the Influence

It’s safe to say that anyone that takes drugs and drives, or drinks and drives, for that matter, is taking their life into their own hands. Sadly, that isn’t the extent of the risk involved. Such drivers that choose to operate a vehicle under the influence are also taking putting the lives of others at great risk. Last week, Jesse Galicia lost control of his SUV, killing his son in the crash. Three other children were with him, too, a 7-month-old baby, a 5-year-old girl, and a 2-year-old boy. All three were injured, one in good condition and two in critical condition. Police say that Galicia was under the influence of some drugs when the crash happened on the Gulf Freeway near Highway 146. Hillary Alaniz, the mother of the boy that died, said she didn’t know Jesse was on anything. “I know he has been stressing, but I did not know he was taking anything,” she said. “I always told him not to drive if he was on anything.” Unfortunately, that advice was not heeded, and not Alaniz is trying to raise money for her son’s funeral. If you or someone you love has been the victim in a car accident involving a drunk or drugged driver, you should know you may be eligible for compensation your insurance company won’t tell you about. Even a light accident can end with bills up into the thousands, and most of us are not even remotely prepared to pay that kind of money. You need expert legal representation to evaluate your case and fight for your rights. Call Houston Accident Attorneys today for more free information.

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