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Hit and Run Hurts Two Girls

download (28)Three schoolgirls, all of them sisters, were waiting for their Dayton Independent School District bus at the intersection of country roads 6472 and 6471 when a car turned into their path, struck two of the girls and kept going. Kaylee and Alexis Maher were dragged after getting caught on one of the car’s tires. Kylee, 9, has a broken leg and Alexis, 7. Has a sprained ankle. Alexis’ twin sister, Brooklyn was uninjured, and ran home to get help after the incident. The girls’ parents and their grandfather, Kevin Maher, want answers. “I would just like to know who did it,” Maher said. “Somebody should own up to this, come forward and be responsible.” The girls described the car to investigators as a black two-door sedan. However, they didn’t see much of it because it was dark at the time of the accident. A parent’s – or grandparent’s worst nightmare is when a child that they love is seriously hurt Of course, children can get into accidents all on their own, but when someone callously hurts them and then drives away in a hit-and-run accident, that’s enough to make anyone angry. No doubt that the person who hit these young girls will be in a whole lot of trouble once they are caught. The driver will likely face criminal charges, large fines and a permanent mark on their record. And that is just the beginning. Civil lawsuits afterward can involve even larger settlements against the person convicted of the crime – and a jury will more likely than not side with the victims since the driver left the scene of the accident. If you or your child or other loved one close to you has recently been in an accident, contact us today. Having to think about all of the medical bills and time off the job to care for them is the last thing on your mind. You want justice to be done. When facing such a situation, you need expert legal advice and someone who will fight in your corner to make sure you and your loved ones receive the compensation they deserve. Contact Houston Accident Attorneys to schedule a free consultation and legal analysis.

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