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Hit-and-Run Leaves 1 Man Dead

Highway Patrol ImagesWalking down the street most pedestrians are very conscious of the people around them, and typically pay closer attention to street conditions and traffic signals than most drivers. The reason is simple, in that those walking are far more vulnerable than those inside a vehicle. While sometimes an accident that involves a pedestrian or a cyclist is caused by a thoughtless moment on the part of the pedestrian, more often than not,  it’s a matter of a driver who wasn’t paying attention. The Houston Police Department reported an accident on May 19th  that has left one man dead, and a driver being sought for fleeing the scene. The hit and run accident occurred Saturday night as the victim, believed to be in his 20’s was leaving a night club on South Gessner Road at Sands Point in southwest Houston. The victim’s name has not been released. According to HPD, the  force of the impact threw the victim across two lanes and onto a sidwalk.   Authorities believe that the vehicle involved in the fatal accident would have sustained serious damage  No witness to the accident have come forward.  A spokesperson with the  HPD, however, indicated  that there may be a possibility  of a surveillance  footage from a camera at a business near the  that may have recorded the event. For the victim of a vehicle versus pedestrian accident who survives there is physical pain and suffering. In the tragic circumstance the person who’s hit does not survive, their family will undoubtedly face the pain of mourning of their loved one.  Along with this comes the inevitable  medical expenses,  and sadly burial expenses. At the same time the family  may also be losing  the income that their loved one as other family members grapple with the unexpected loss. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or a tragic loss in an accident, Houston Accident Attorneys can help you to find the truth behind what happened and help to hold those responsible accountable.    No matter what the circumstances are,  you have rights.  Call us today for a free consultation and legal analysis. We are here to help.

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