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Houseboat Backs Up Over Father and Daughter, Daughter Killed

The Houston Chronicle is reporting on a tragic story involving the death of a four-year-old girl in an unusual accident. A houseboat backed up over the girl and she was struck by the propeller. Her father lost his legs in an attempt to save her.

The owner of the houseboat is now charged with criminally negligent homicide. The man is alleged to have yelled clear prior to backing up his three-story-tall houseboat. But then a witness yelled that there were people still back there.

Because the houseboat was moving backward, the propeller would have sucked the two individuals towards the blades. If he is convicted of his crimes, he could spend up to two years in jail.

Crowdfunding resources have been set up to cover funeral expenses and medical bills for the injured. More details on those can be found on the news link.

Hopefully, when the father recovers, he will be able to collect additional damages from the houseboat owner. This is no different than backing up a car and running over a child. If all of the facts in this case are true, he must be held accountable.

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