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Husband of Woman Killed On Bicycle Seeks Answers

An accident can leave many unanswered questions. For many serious or even fatal accidents, preserving evidence is important in order to find out who is liable in a crash. From this evidence, through the testimony of experts, as well as the tools of accident reconstruction, a better picture can be made and can help judges and juries within our courts to make a final decision. When the evidence is tampered with, corrupted or destroyed, it can potentially weaken a case.

Preserving this type of evidence is exactly what the husband of a woman who was killed while riding her bicycle near Rice University is trying to do.

In an article appearing on the website, Ujjal Bhattacharjee, whose wife, Sudipta Roy, 30, was killed has filed a restraining order against the dump truck company which owned the vehicle involved in his wife’s death.

Court documents were filed on Monday with the Harris County District Clerk against E Cruz Lazo Trucking, requesting that the company not alter, change or destroy any evidence that is related to the crash.

Attorneys representing the interests of Mr. Bhattacharjee intend to conduct a thorough investigation and believe that any evidence gathered from the vehicle involved in the death of Sudipta Roy will support their client’s case.


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