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I-10 Accident Tangles Up Multiple Vehicles, Fire Kills At Least Two

On Memorial Day Weekend, a speeding driver hit multiple vehicles in east Houston on I-10. At least two were left dead in the crash. ABC 13 reports.

One officer saw the speeding vehicle. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat was going at least 100 mph eastbound. When the officer caught up to them, the speeding car hit at least two other vehicles. One of them caught fire with three inside. Two of them died from the flames.

Four others had to go to the hospital, including the third in the burning car. Police do not believe that alcohol was a factor at this time, but speed was.

A nearby woman approached the news crew and stated that two of the victims may have been her daughters because they did not answer their phones while they were away.

Police did manage to pull the driver of the Dodge Challenger in for questioning, but no charges have been filed yet.

Cars used to catch fire far more often decades ago, but advances in design have made the chances of a fire much less. However, at speeds well beyond normal highway speeds, the forces can still crush a car enough to ignite fuel and cause a car fire.

We wish to offer our condolences to the families and hope that everyone injured recovers completely.

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