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Ignore a Patient and he might Steal your Ambulance!

Ignore a Patient

Credit: Hanneke

A man has been arrested after stealing a Houston Fire Department Ambulance on Monday and then crashing it into an overpass. According to Houston Fire Department District Chief James Watson, “He just got in and took off.” Watson indicated that the man was driving in a very erratic fashion by jumping medians while trying to get on to the freeway. Once the suspect was stopped, he readily admitted to getting behind the wheel of the emergency vehicle. The suspect told local news crews that he did it because his head hurt and the people in the ER weren’t listening to him. Police indicated that the suspect drove the ambulance, lights flashing and with the siren on as he drove down Highway 59 to Beltway 8. Houston Police Department officers were in pursuit of the stolen emergency rig, but the suspect refused to pull over. The suspect lost control of the ambulance, crashing it into the Beltway 8 overpass on Bellaire Boulevard. The man was unhurt and no one else was injured in the incident. Both police and fire department investigators are trying to determine how the man was able to steal the ambulance. A spokesman for the Houston Fire Department, Ruy Lozano indicated that often paramedics will leave their ambulances running when they take patients into the hospital. According to Lozano, the paramedic’s first priority is to get the patient into the emergency room. Therefore, it is not unusual for ambulances to be left running and for certain equipment on board is kept turned on. Hospital security will typically keep an eye on the emergency vehicles that are waiting outside the hospital emergency room. Charges are pending. However, the suspect’s name has not been released. It was a lucky thing that others were not seriously injured or even killed in this incident. Accidents involving emergency vehicles, even when the drivers, officers and crew are highly trained, can be very serious. When emergency vehicles are rushing to or from an accident serious accidents involving personal injury or death can occur. At risk are not only the ambulance crews and the patients that are being transported but also unsuspecting civilians and innocent bystanders as well. When you see the red lights in your rear view mirror, never be tempted to run for it when you are being pulled over. The cost of causing a potential accident in addition to any other charges you may face can be serious. Accidents can potentially happen in a split second, especially in high traffic or metropolitan areas. If you or a loved one has been in an accident involving a high speed chase or other type of emergency vehicle, give our offices a call. We specialize in accident cases and we know the law and will fight to protect your rights to fair and adequate compensation. We are here to help you. Your initial consultation with one of our lawyers is confidential, free, and without any obligation to you.

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