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Inclement Weather Leads to Dangerous Driving

Heavy fog had blanketed Houston for several days leading up to the lashing storms that arrived Tuesday. Heavy rains lasted all through Tuesday evening into Wednesday, saturating freeways and roads. The heavy fog had already made driving a risky business for days and the appearance of heavy rains did nothing to alleviate the danger; and are being cited as the cause for a tractor trailer accident on North Freeway and another accident later on near Tiki Island on the Gulf Freeway. Both accidents resulted in sections of the respective highways being closed for several hours.

Difficulties can arise at any time for any person when operating a vehicle. Weather, defective machinery and a thousand other factors can all lead to unexpected accidents. Such occurrences can have far reaching, as well as unforeseen, consequences that may not be apparent immediately. When an accident occurs, it is time to contact a professional to represent you, whether it is a difficult claim with insurance or an injury or even a case of liability for damages. Remember, you have a right to legal counsel and we have handled cases all over Missouri. We can help you get the justice you deserve. Call us today.


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