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K9 Officers Catch Hit and Run Suspect

K-9 officers with the Houston Police Department were instrumental in tracking down a suspect who attempted to elude police after being in an accident that involved two vehicles in southeast Houston on Thursday night. The driver of a pickup truck was speeding northbound on Highway 288 at Orem at approximately 11:00 p.m. when he rammed his vehicle into the side of a car. This caused the other vehicle to spin around. The truck then slid into a grassy area on the shoulder of the freeway. The male driver of the pickup then jumped out of his truck and attempted to flee on foot by running into the heavy vegetation in a nearby the field. Authorities found the suspect hiding in the heavy overgrowth. The suspect whose name has not been released was arrested and will face multiple charges such as failure to stop and give information as well as possible DUI charges. To be hit by another driver who does not bother to stop is both frightening and infuriating. Whether it is either indifference or fear that causes a person to run after hitting and injuring another person is very serious crime in the state of Texas and can hold a very stiff price in terms of fines and jail time when you are convicted of the charge. If you are involved in an accident, never be tempted to leave the scene until authorities arrive or when they release you. There are severe penalties for leaving the scene of an accident. After an accident, you must immediately stop your vehicle at the scene of the crash as close to the scene of the accident as you manage safely. You are also required to render aid to the injured if at all possible. Failure to one or the other or both of these legally required actions can result in criminal charges being filed against you.

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