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Man Dies in Fiery SW Freeway Crash

RTD PhotographyThere are few things as dangerous as a high-speed car accident. If the impact doesn’t end your life, being trapped in a burning vehicle certainly can. It’s hard to think that such things can happen to all of us, but they can, and when we least expect them. Sixty-one year-old Dan Winfrey certainly wasn’t expecting his car accident on Tuesday on the SW freeway in Houston. He was driving his red Jeep Cherokee southbound on the freeway when, for some reason, his driving became erratic. As a result, he hit a big rig postal truck. Both vehicles ended up sliding against a concrete wall. The red Jeep was pinned between the wall and the much bigger rig. When the rig hit a pole, both vehicles burst into flames. The driver of the postal truck was able to get out safely, and was later treated for minor injuries in the hospital. But Dan Winfrey was not able to get out of his Jeep, despite the flames. Bystanders tried to help. Azari, who works at a furniture store, brought a mattress out to help, encouraging Dan to jump down onto it. But he was apparently pinned down inside the Jeep. Winfrey perished in the car fire. Sister Georgia and Christina Roach also watched the tragedy and continue to cry from the traumatic event. Even those that didn’t witness the wreck were affected. The accident happened about 3 PM, and the southbound lanes of the freeway didn’t open again until after 9 PM, so traffic for rush hour in the area was unusually slow. If you’ve been in a car accident and suffered some kind of injuries, you need expert legal counsel to make sure you are properly represented with the hospital and insurance people. Also, if a loved one has recently died in a car accident, wrongful death lawyers can help you get the legal and financial help you need in that tragic time. If you live in the Houston area, feel free to call Houston Accident Attorneys for more information.

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