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Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal Accident

download-28There are accident cases where the fault can be proven immediately without any shadow of doubt. Accident investigators are trained to piece together evidence like skid marks and crash debris to piece together what happened. In extreme accidents, this can lead to criminal charges.

One young man ended up pleading guilty for what he did in a car accident. He pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault on a police officer. At the time of the crash, he was driving near Highway 6 with his lights off. He collided with the patrol car. The deputy in that car suffered from serious injuries and had to be cut from the vehicle. The driver’s passenger died at the scene.

The driver now faces 10-20 years in jail for his crimes. But the punishment may go beyond that. It is possible that the family of the driver’s passenger or the deputy could file a civil suit if insurance couldn’t pay for their damages. Notably, in wrongful death cases it may be possible to secure punitive damages as well. The decision on whether or not to pursue a civil case against a criminal is a tough one though. It requires the advice of a skilled personal injury attorney.

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