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Motorcycle Race Leads to Death

Racing motorcycles is something which should only happen in controlled circumstances, like on a track or a closed road.   There are those who believe that the open road is the place for having races, but those races can have extremely unfortunate consequences.  It was early in the evening on Old Humble Pipeline Road near FM 1314.  Two bikers, ready to prove their mettle, chose a starting line, sizing each other up.  At a signal, they burned rubber, revving their bikes as hard and as fast as they could. These types of races don’t happen as neatly and cleanly as they do in the movies.  The riders bumped into one another, and they flew out of control.  One rider, Jeffery Michael Stansel, hit a real estate sign and a mailbox before he veered off into the woods. The other rider, Craig Perkins Sr., wasn’t so lucky.  He screamed off the road, hitting a pipe and then the edge of a driveway.  In that moment, he was ejected from the bike and came to rest on the ground several feet away.  He was pronounced dead at the scene after emergency personnel tried CPR on him. Stansel, after he was treated for road rash, was taken into custody on racing charges.  What could have possessed them to carry on with such reckless abandon? These types of incidents happen on country roads all over the Houston area.  Imagine if those riders were racing toward you and caused you to lose control of your vehicle.  Who would be responsible?  Our personal injury attorneys will provide you with our best representation around.  Give us a call.

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