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New Software Makes Oil and Gas Trucks Safer

New software makes oil and gas trucks saferAccidents involving oil and gas trucks are extremely common in Texas. In fact, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Texas has three times the number of accidents involving oil and gas trucks than the next state.  One company in California is working to reduce these accidents by inventing new software that will track new metrics on drivers of these vehicles.

The company is called Telogis. Telogis is currently known for their logistics software, but their latest offering allows fleet managers to gather safety data on their drivers in real time. The software tracks speed, acceleration, sudden braking, and even if the driver is wearing his belt or not. Information is displayed via a dash panel for the driver, as well as back at the fleet station. Fleet managers can use the data to reprimand drivers who drive unsafely with such dangerous loads.

While software like this should be able to reduce accidents and the cost of litigation for drivers, the fact still remains that accidents involving these vehicles are still common, and oftentimes result in serious injury or death. These trucks are extremely heavy and difficult to stop. Drivers of these trucks also have very long shifts and demanding schedules that can put them on the road for over eight hours at a stretch. People driving passenger vehicles need to be wary.

The most important safety rule you can follow when driving near an oil and gas truck is to give it plenty of room. When driving behind one, make sure you can see the truck’s mirrors. If you cannot see the driver’s mirrors, then he cannot see you. When passing one, signal well in advance and accelerate quickly. Put your car well ahead of the truck before merging back over. If you see one beginning to weave along the road, stay well clear and call 911 to report the driver. You could be saving lives.

Software like this will also provide new evidence in court for personal injury accidents. If someone you know has been involved in an accident with a large commercial vehicle, we’ll check to see if there was safety software installed in the vehicle and get the data so you’ll have the strongest possible case. Dangerous drivers need to be taken off the roads, and we can help. Give our offices a call and we’ll be glad to give you a free consultation and advise you of your options.

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