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North Houston Crash Leaves 2 Critically Injured

Rick NorrisIt has long been a truism among SUV drivers that SUVs are the safest cars on the road.  They provide increased visibility for the driver that sits higher up, and they are heavier than most passenger cars (although light SUVs are increasingly popular).  SUVs have historically been prone to highly dangerous rollover accidents, but auto companies have made significant progress toward improving their safety in that regard. However, the weight of an SUV makes it a very dangerous vehicle in an accident – for the people in the other vehicle. Unless the impact is between comparable sized vehicles, the force of being hit by an SUV can be considerable and can increase injury to the other drivers. A north Houston man learned this the hard way recently when his passenger car was t-boned by an SUV in an intersection. The impact pushed both cars into a nearby parking lot.  The SUV hit a light pole and the driver, who was wearing a seat belt, had to be cut out of the vehicle. Both drivers were taken to nearby hospitals in critical condition. If you have been injured in an accident with a heavy vehicle like an SUV or a truck, it may take a while for all your injuries to become apparent. The impact of an accident with a heavy vehicle is significant, and you may be susceptible to long-term pain that you don’t notice right away because your body is busy dealing with the general overall soreness or other injuries. Neck and back injuries in particular may worsen over time. Our attorneys will work for you to ensure you get the benefits and compensation you deserve to recover fully from your accident, whatever the circumstances.  You initial consultation won’t cost you anything, and you’re under no obligation to retain our attorney after you have spoken with us. Contact us with some details of your accident. We will connect you with the best attorney for your case, and we guarantee a licensed attorney will conduct your initial call. Reach out via phone or use our webform today.

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