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One Killed in Swangin’ Accident

download (27)We learned a new term today, but it has tragic ramifications.  The word is swangin’.  No, it’s not a dance that you can do.  Instead, it’s taking your vehicle and swinging in and out of multiple lanes of traffic.  Think of it like those car chase scenes that you’ll see on the television. In real life, swangin’ doesn’t work out that well.  Roberto found that out one Sunday night when he was swangin’ in his Honda Civic in the Greenspoint area. Roberto lost control of his car, whacking into a fence, rolling over, and killing his friend Fernanda.  Two others who were in the vehicle were injured, but those injuries were non-life threatening. When investigators talked to Roberto and performed field sobriety tests on him, he failed.  There was also a pot pipe and scale found within the vehicle that he was swangin’ in. Roberto posted bond, but he is not supposed to drive and has to install a breathalyzer on his vehicle. Have you watched people swangin’ on the roadways?  Have you been struck by a swangin’ driver?  We’re here to help.  We get to the heart of the matter and find solutions for you in regards to compensation and liability.  Give us a call.

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