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Pedestrian Killed under Dark Overpass

downloadAt night, it can be very hard to see a pedestrian. Dark clothing or moving in shadows due to a lack of light could make a driver unable to see a pedestrian until it is too late. In cases like these, how much fault should be assigned to a driver who hits someone? That’s up for the courts and local laws to decide.

Dallas Police were called to investigate an auto-pedestrian accident that happened at 4:30 in the morning near an overpass. The driver was driving a truck. The news story is quite scanty on details, and no one has been fingered for being at fault. In fatal cases like these, police are extra-careful to do a thorough investigation because they only have one side of the story.

To prevent yourself from getting into a pedestrian accident late at night, consider the following safety precautions. Wear light colored or reflective clothing. As much as possible, walk against traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles. Always cross at designated cross walks. Many people jaywalking at night get hit. Most importantly, stay alert.

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