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Pedestrian Struck on I-45

Pedestrian Struck on I-45There are a host of dangerous things that you can do on the highway in the early evening.  You can drive tired from working an incredibly long shift, you can drive while otherwise impaired, or you can try to cross it on foot.  Unfortunately, the wager that one gentleman took that he would be safe while crossing I-45 on foot didn’t pay off. There are no pedestrian cross hatches painted on the interstate for a reason.  Nobody expects that there will be people running across the highway, which is one of the reasons that there are no stop lights on the interstate.  That one person didn’t heed the warnings, though, didn’t heed the call of better judgment. Two men tried to run across I-45 near Gulf Bank Road, but only one of them made it.  One was hit and killed by a Honda Civic.  Unsurprisingly, the driver of the Civic is devastated, but there was nothing that they could do – the runner came out of nowhere. The second man is currently nowhere to be found, as he ran away when he saw his friend killed.  There are no charges being filed against the driver of the distraught Civic driver. What happens in this situation when it comes to liability? That’s why calling a car accident lawyer might be the best thing, one who has dealt with every conceivable situation.  If you’ve been in an accident, we can help you sort it out.

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