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Police Cruiser Crashes during Drug Chase

A high speed chase by police of a suspected drug dealer ended in an arrest and the crash of a police cruiser in southeast Houston on Tuesday night. During an undercover sting at a shopping center parking lot, officers had been conducting a “buy-bust”. The suspect became suspicious and took off, according to Houston police. An unmarked HPD unit took off behind him. Undercover officers chased the suspect from the South Loop to Highway 288, then on to Reed and Holmes Road. An HPD officer in a marked car, also in pursuit, lost control of his police cruiser during the chase. The vehicle skidded across the railroad tracks and into a fence. The officer suffered minor injuries in the accident, but was treated at the scene. The suspect, still attempting to evade law enforcement officers drove his vehicle across spikes on Holmes. The spikes flattened his tires as he turned on to Cullen, effectively disabling the car. The suspect abandoned his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Police K-9 units were able to find and apprehend the suspect who was then taken into custody. The suspect, whose name has not been released, potentially faces several charges. When a criminal is trying to escape and the police are in pursuit, there is often little thought of other innocent drivers or pedestrians. Accidents that occur because of high speed police chases are far more common than you might think. Too many such incidents are just simply a matter of someone being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Serious and even fatal accidents are caused by police chases. This makes such pursuits a leading cause of automobile accident injuries. Our lawyers will not only give you good advice, they can prepare your case to get you the most in compensation or losses from accidents that were no fault of your own. Expenses such as medical costs, rehabilitation therapy costs, funeral expenses, loss of income, or a potential increase in the insurance rates that you pay can affect you and your family long after the accident. Our lawyers are focused on accident cases such as this and have argued thousands of them in Houston area courts. Your initial consultation and legal analysis is free and without obligation to you.

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