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Remembering Anniversary of a Biker Brawl in Waco

Remembering Anniversary of a Biker Brawl in WacoA year ago last Tuesday is remembered as the one-year anniversary of an all-out brawl that erupted between rival motorcycle clubs at the Twin Peaks sports bar in Waco that ended with the death of nine bikers, two dozen other people being injured and more than 175 arrests in its wake.

Motorcycle club members refer to the incident as the Waco Biker Massacre. The brawl and ensuing shootout began as a clash between two rival clubs – the Bandits and the Cossacks. Tensions escalated and soon fistfights and gunfire began to break out. Area law enforcement had been monitoring the situation had to step into the brawl. Police officers had to fire shots of their own before the situation was brought back under control once more.

Those who were arrested were charged with organized crime. Currently, however, the criminal cases regarding the incident that were file in McLennan County are stalled and no trial dates have yet been set.

Surviving family members may have to wait a little longer before they get answers as to who is responsible for what happened and who will be accountable and be liable. Of course, no person deserves to be harmed by another person. Having an attorney there to protect your rights if you are the victim of a crime is key in order to make sure that justice is served.

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