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Riding Without a Helmet is Dangerous

Speed of motorcycle A motorcyclist was not riding with a helmet when he hit the back of a dump truck and was seriously injured. Houston Police officials said that the accident happened around 3:00 a.m. as the motorcyclist was travelling westbound on Briar Forest Drive near West Sam Houston Parkway. According to investigators, the dump truck had just pulled out onto the roadway when the motorcyclist struck into the rear end of the truck at a high rate of speed. According to the Houston Police, either the rider did not see the truck or was unable to stop in time in order to avoid the crash. The rider suffered severe head injuries and was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The dump truck driver was not expected to face any charges in connection with the crash. Motorcycle accidents can cause very serious injuries. Obeying the rules of the road is very important because you are more exposed to risks on the road than the drivers of other motor vehicles are, and sometimes they cannot see you. Always being aware of your surroundings, and most importantly, wearing a helmet, can make a difference on just serious those injuries are. Here are some tips on how to be safe when riding a motorcycle. * Read the owner’s manual for safe operation of your motorcycle. * Make sure each rider is wearing a helmet and other protective gear. * Be sure to check your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, mirrors. Be certain that your brakes are working, the, the pressure in your tires is the right p.s.i. as recommended in the owner’s manual and that the motorcycle’s horn is in good working order. * Never ride more than two people on a motorcycle. * When you are on the road, be aware of potential hazards such as other vehicles who might not be able to see you, debris in the roadway, railroad tracks, or any other obstacles that can cause an accident. * When you are riding your motorcycle around other vehicles such as large trucks, make certain that other drivers are aware of your presence. Use your horn if you need to. * When you are riding in traffic in the city, allow yourself a two-second stopping distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you. On the open road or under highway conditions, and depending upon your rate of speed, this stopping distance should be increased to three or four seconds or more. If it is dark, this stopping distance should be even greater. * Be sure to check potential blind spots and turn your head. If you or someone you love has been involved in and injured in a motorcycle accident, you may need legal representation. Medical costs, damages and other legal matters can best be addressed through the advice of competent attorneys with experience. Give us a call and we can introduce you to an attorney best suited to help you in your case. They will take the time to outline options for your specific case and file any necessary legal or insurance paperwork. Give us a call today.

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