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School Fight Ends with One Dead and Five Injured

One person is dead and others injured in a fight at Spring Texas High School early this morning. According to a statement from Harris County Sheriff’s office LifeFlight was called to the scene and there has been confirmation of one student having been killed with others having been critically injured at the school. One student, a 16-year-old boy who has not been identified, has been flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Hospital officials state that the teen is listed in critical condition. Reports that and Tweets about the incident which have not been confirmed indicated a gang fight at the school located at I-45 and Cypresswood that happened shortly after 7a.m. The school was placed on lock down shortly thereafter. As of 9:30 a.m. a lockdown continued, and parents were being kept away from the campus. Students who were still at the school, texted and phoned parents that they believed they would be released at around 10 a.m. Spring School District officials have not confirmed that the students will be released at this time. Eyewitnesses inside the school said that the incident appears to have broken out in one of the hallways of the school, where it is believed that one student was stabbed to death while another five were injured in the attack. Police with the independent school district have indicated to family members of the students that all involved students’ parents have been contacted and assured parents of the other students in the school will be safe until their release. Parents have enough to worry about without having to worry about whether their school-aged children will be involved in an incident of school violence. Millions of students across the country report being victims of school violence and bullying. School violence can include sexual harassment, physical and psychological forms of abuse and can ultimately interfere with a student’s ability to learn. School violence and bullying can have lasting, long-term effects on the emotional and social development of kids as well as physical scars. All can have devastating effects. If your child has been involved and injured in an incident where there was school violence, give our offices a call as soon as possible. Consulting with a qualified, dedicated and experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible can make all of the difference in the world. Many claims against a public school need to be asserted within a 90 day time frame. If you believe that you or your child has been the victim of sexual harassment, violence, physical or sexual abuse, give our offices a call. Our attorneys will meet with you for a confidential consultation that holds no obligation to you. We are here to help and we have years of experience in the Texas courts to see that our clients receive just compensation and that those responsible are held accountable. You have rights to compensation that are guaranteed by law. Medical costs, ongoing therapies and treatments, counseling and other expenses can quickly add up. Call us today.

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