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Sedan Crashes into Metro Bus, Possibly Injuring Children

A car collided with a METRO transit bus on the south side of Houston early Wednesday. Metro spokeswoman Margaret O’Brien said in a statement that the crash occurred in the 7000 block of Scott Street around 6:50 a.m. when a Lexus sedan struck the back of the Metro bus, damaging both vehicles in the crash. According to METRO officials, five passengers in the bus were sent to the hospital after the accident in order to be checked out, while the driver of the sedan was put in a neck brace and transported to the hospital by ambulance. No word has been released about their current conditions. The accident happened near a school zone, and several of the bus passengers appeared to be school-aged children. The cause of the accident is still currently under investigation. Usually talking the bus is a very safe mode of transportation. Commuters and students use city transit buses to get to their destinations safely and inexpensively. But even as safe as most buses are, in the United States, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents involving buses every year. Insurance agencies representing bus companies or municipal bus services tend to want to settle things quickly and often make initial settlement offers well below what a personal injury accident settlement is really worth. The last thing that they want is to have accident victims hire an experienced attorney. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to convince victims that they either do not have a case that is worth fighting for, that their initial settlement should be adequate. Insurance companies will rarely offer the full value of your claim unless you have legal representation that is looking out for your best interests, even if that means taking them to court. Before you sign a statement or accept any settlement offer, give our offices a call. We can act as a representative between you and the insurance companies to make sure you receive just compensation. Injuries as the result of accidents can be expensive. Medical costs, the cost of rehabilitation, time off of work to go to doctor’s appointments and all of the things to get your life back on track can add up quickly. When our legal professionals start to work on your case, we will gather all of the information and evidence for your case. We will inspect the vehicles, visit the crash site with reconstruction experts that will take their own measurements. With this we can reconstruct the accident and how it happened. We will not just be representing you, we will be working to help you win your case so that you can receive a just settlement compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, give our offices a call to schedule a consultation at no cost or no obligation to you.

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