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Semi Slams into Firetruck

images (32)Firefighters are the heroes of our nation, content to take low pay and put themselves in the line of danger every single day for a pat on the back and the satisfaction of saving lives. They are constantly working, making sure that they strive to be some of the best first responders in the world. That’s one reason why it’s troubling when firefighters get hit while doing their jobs. It was early in the morning and firefighters in Irving were investigating a DWI scene, making sure that the cleanup was done to regulation and per order. Out of nowhere, a big rig came and slammed the firetruck, rolling it over. Three firefighters were injured, and the driver of the semi was killed in this accident. There was someone who had the audacity to hit a parked police car as well as a man suspected of drunken driving arrested at the scene. It was suspected that the trucker who ran into the fire engine was suffering a medical condition. There are many reasons why accidents happen, and medical conditions are one of them. Medical conditions, impairment, inattention… all of these reasons feed into the reasons why accidents happen. To get the causes sorted out, get in touch with a Houston accident attorney. They will be able to help you get the best settlement that you deserve.

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