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Speeding Increasing All Over The Country Thanks To Pandemic.

You would think with fewer cars on the road there would be fewer accidents. Unfortunately, police around the country are saying they’re seeing an uptick in speeding and fatal crashes. ABC 13 reports.

The open roads are tempting drivers to speed. Connecticut has reported a 90% increase in speeding 15 mph over the limit and a 40% increase in fatal crashes. Massachusetts and Minnesota are also seeing huge spikes in crashes and fatalities.

California has had an 87% jump in the number of cited drivers going over 100 mph, nearly 2500 statewide. Crashes at these speeds are especially dangerous. Once you get that fast, safety features do not work as well.

One thing that states are watching for is whether this speeding trend declines as states reopen their economies. They are curious to know if it’s the open roads that tempt people or if it’s the stress from staying inside.

It’s great to enjoy the open road, but that doesn’t mean you have to speed. In fact, there should be less reason to speed because you’re not trying to avoid getting caught in a traffic jam.

Sadly, some people just love to speed, and it puts everyone at risk. Slowing down will not make you late, especially these days. Take your time and enjoy the emptier roads.

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