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Stolen Vehicles can still Injure You

On Tuesday, April 30th, Harris County Deputies say that at approximately 2 AM two men stole a Sherwin Williams Paint truck and smashed it into a gas station off the FM 1960 at Cypress Station. The men were attempting to take the ATM machine. An employee who was still on the premises of the closed store yelled at the men. The two then got back into the truck, fleeing the scene. In the process of the getaway, they nearly hit a Houston Police car that was patrolling the area. The officer gave pursuit but after a few blocks the thieves lost control of the vehicle, crashing into a pole near Overland Trail. The suspects then attempted to flee on foot. One suspect was apprehended by officers while the other escaped. Because pickup trucks by far are the most stolen of all vehicles in the Houston area, owners of trucks are advised to take more precautions in order to prevent it. According to the Houston Police Department, trucks are the most stolen type of vehicle in the area. Most are stolen and stripped for parts, while others are sometimes used in trafficking people and drugs. It is surprising to note that most thefts of this kind can happen in 90 seconds or less. Truck owners in particular can reduce the risk that their vehicles are exposed to by always being certain to lock their vehicle and parking in a secure, well lit area. Adding alarm systems, steering and brake locks can also provide better protection than just locking your vehicle. If your vehicle has been stolen, it might become involved in a major crime, such as a robbery, a hit and run accident or an incident where someone is seriously injured or kill. This may involve serious legal implications headaches for you and loss of insurance. Also, your insurance company may decide not to cover damages or reimbursement and try to avoid giving you less compensation than you deserve or refusing to repair or replace your damaged vehicle. If you have experienced vehicle theft and are still trying to just get your life back to normal, we encourage you to call our offices today with the details of your case. Our lawyers will take the time and give you solid advice on what the best possible options for you are. Having a good attorney on your side can make all the difference. Give our offices a call. We can help.

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