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Stopped Vehicle Causes Rear End Accident

download (12)One of the very first lessons that you learn when you’re a new driver is that you never leave our vehicle in a traffic lane when it breaks down.  If you’ve got trouble with your vehicle, you’re supposed to turn on your hazard lights and try to push it out of the lane.  If it won’t move, you’re still supposed to put on the lights.

The unidentified driver of a Dodge Charger didn’t do any of these things.  Instead, he sat in his vehicle in the middle of a lane on the East Loop.  Stopping his vehicle and being unexpectedly there managed to cause major issues.

In fact, being stopped in the lane with all of the lights off at 1am attracted the attention of a two-unit vehicle of the HPD.  Unfortunately, that unit spotted the Charger a little bit too late and rear-ended the vehicle.  The officers had minor injuries, but the driver of the Charger was relatively unscathed.

Well, at least healthwise he was unscathed.  It’s believed that he was under the influence of intoxicants and the investigators who were quick to come to the scene took a couple of blood samples from him to determine what types of intoxicants that he was on.  As of the writing of this story, those details aren’t known.

Has something like this happened to you?  Did it take a miracle to figure out all of the legal hoopla, especially since there were cops involved?  Our car accident attorneys are trained for any situation.  Give us a call.

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