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Street Racer Crashes into Three Pedestrians

images (2)Street racing is a very dangerous activity not just for the drivers but also for the general public. One wrong slip and many people could get hurt. Sometimes street racers will weave in and out of normal traffic for the adrenaline rush. This is a very fool-hardy activity. One man is paying the price for his foolishness after he was arrested for street racing. On a Saturday during the early evening, he was driving northbound on Chimney Rock racing another vehicle, weaving in and out of traffic. He hit another vehicle, lost control, and hit a bus stop and three pedestrians. The driver attempted to flee the scene, but was captured in a nearby apartment complex. All three pedestrians were taken to the hospital, some of them with life-threatening injuries. If you’ve been injured as a bystander in a street race, you should definitely speak with a personal injury attorney. Criminal prosecution will satisfy the need for justice but it won’t help you pay for your medical bill. Medical expenses keep climbing higher and higher, and they’re the most common cause of bankruptcy. Don’t let someone else’s poor judgment drive you into debt. If you live in the Houston metropolitan area, call our offices immediately for a free consultation. We can help.

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