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Street Racers In Neighborhood Crash Into Home, Family Lucky To Avoid It

Street racing is dangerous enough on interstates and main roads. To do it in a neighborhood is beyond risky. A man and his family are lucky to be alive after witnessing a street race outside their home go out of control and crash into where they would be if they were inside. KHOU reports.

Authorities stated that the two racers were competing in the 23200 block of Drywood Crossing Court in Harris County when one of the vehicles lost control and crashed into the home. The crash was severe enough for the car to crash through the wall and into the living quarters.

The homeowner was outside playing with his 6-year-old twins and his 1-month-old daughter on the sidewalk. They saw the car flip and crash into the home and felt very fortunate that they weren’t in the house at the time.

“I always sit right there. I’ve been working from home and … if I had been sitting there, I’d have been killed,” he said. “The kids would have been killed, too, if we had been eating at the dinner table.”

At least one of the people in the vehicle was injured. The homeowner and his family plan to stay at a hotel until the damage is repaired.


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