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Suit Goes Forward for One Million Dollars due to Injury

A family is suing for a million dollars over an injury their 12-year-old son sustained during a Little League District Championship game on July 1st. Emmett Parsutt Jr., 12, who played for the Santa Fe All- Stars, said it happened so fast when he was hit in the face by a line drive. Emmett’s parents are claiming that the player who hit the line drive was using an unlicensed and illegal bat.

“I thought I was throwing a good game,” Emmett Parsutt Jr. said. “They just kept hitting it and then I took the line drive.”

After he was hit by the ball, Parsutt Jr. fell to the ground and later had to be carried off the field by a stretcher. His father Emmett Parsutt Sr. was present and watching the game when the accident happened. The family has now named both the League City Little League and Little League Baseball in a lawsuit for more than a million dollars.

An official spokesperson for Little League stated that the bat that was in question as to its legality was sent to League headquarters in Williamsport, PA. There it was determined by both the League and by the manufacturers of the bat that it had not been altered in any way.

The family and their attorney, Charles McMillan, are not buying it, and suspect that the bat which was used was not the one that was submitted

“We know Little League International has done an investigation on a bat. We just don’t know what bat it was,” McMillan said.

The manager of Emmett’s team, Bryan Alexander, agrees. Alexander claims that several people saw a parent from the opposing team take the bat in question from the field and lock it in the trunk of a car, shortly after Emmett was hit by the ball. Even the umpire for the game was curious about the bat since the ball was coming off of it very differently and everyone on the team was using the same bat each time. The president of League City Little League claims that the bat in question had been used all season long with no questions before the accident occurred.

The most frustrating thing for Emmett however, in addition to the occasional headaches and eye twitches is that he will have to sit out the remainder of the season.

“It’s hard,” Parsutt Jr. said. “I can’t play sports for six months. That’s all I do is play sports.”

Little League International declined to comment on the current legal suit filed by Emmett’s parents.

When we send our kids to play sports, we don’t ever like to think of them getting hurt while they are out having fun. The rules for kids playing together are put in place to promote sportsmanship and fair play. Part of fair play is making sure that all equipment is up to the highest standards of safety to protect the safety of the children involved in the sport. Sometimes, however, accidents can happen and children can get very seriously hurt or suffer permanent injury. Emmett was lucky. Head injuries in a sport that does move very fast can cause serious injuries.

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