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Teen Cyclist in Serious Condition

Every parent of a teenager is anxious about their child’s safety. Teenagers are notoriously oblivious to their surroundings, often lost in their own thoughts or listening to music, and their judgment and reaction times aren’t always the sharpest. Parents can only hope that drivers in residential neighborhoods stay attentive to the presence of children and teenagers and drive carefully, but accidents can still happen. A Kingwood teenager, riding his bike in his neighborhood, was struck by a minivan and hospitalized for serious but not life-threatening injuries. The driver of the minivan indicated he couldn’t see the bike because the sides of the road were thickly forested. Police reports indicated the bike pulled out in front of the minivan and was struck. The bicycle was caught under the minivan. Although most bike accidents do not involve automobiles, those accidents that do can be very serious and the injuries complex. Cyclists who have been hit by cars must deal with physical injury and damage to their equipment, as well as the fear that comes from the trauma of an accident. Additionally, it’s often difficult to determine who was at fault and who had the right of way in bike accidents, as the cyclist oftentimes isn’t even seen by the driver or witnesses until the impact. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a bicycle, you need expert counsel as quickly as possible in order to ensure that your case is handled properly by all parties.  Don’t contact your insurance company until you have spoken with a lawyer, as any conversation can be used by the insurance company to refuse payment. Work with an attorney to make certain your interests are protected.  The lawyers at Houston Accident Attorneys are here to discuss your case with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will pay nothing unless we procure a settlement for you, and your first consultation is free. Call or email us today.

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