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Toddler Injured at Day Care

The parents of a Houston area toddler are both concerned and upset over an alleged accident at a local day care. However, the facts of just how that accident occurred, according to the parents, are not adding up. Twenty-three-month-old Riyah Martin suffered a broken femur at Linder Learning Land located in northwest Harris County. According to a spokesperson for the daycare center, Riyah Martin’s injury were a result of her falling on a ball in the facility’s gym and was an accident that could have happened to any child. According to doctors, little Riyah Martin will be spending the next several weeks healing from her injuries. The child’s parents are not buying the explanation and are asking for proof.  Linder Learning Care has a surveillance system that was installed prior to Riyah Martin’s accident. The tape of the incident had been viewed once by both the owner of the daycare and computer technician, however, due to technical issues, the tape was recorded over. According to the daycare’s co-owner, Debbie Kashchik, even after the owner and the tech spent days trying to retrieve the footage and crashing two computers in the process, ultimately the footage was lost. According to Kaschik, this was due to the surveillance system being improperly set up. Riyah’s parents claim that is not the initial story that they were told and believe that the injuries do not match any explanation that they have been given. Also, according to the parents, the explanation surrounding the missing video footage seemed to change on a daily basis. While Linder Learning claims that it has nothing to hide in regards to the incident, Riyah Martin’s parents have filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The safety and well-being of your children can be a challenge even on the best of days. When your child or loved one is injured while being cared for others, it can be both frightening and disheartening. The pain and suffering of your child affects you to in terms of time, lost wages needing to take time off of work and even possible long term care. If your child or loved one has been injured while they are being cared for by someone else give us a call with the details of your case. We can match you with an attorney who has years of experience in such cases and get you the compensation that you and your loved ones are entitled to. Call us today. We can help.

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