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Trash Bag Mistake Leads To Pedestrian Death

Be careful what you run over in the road. It may not be what you expect. That’s what one driver learned in a recent story from the Houston Chronicle.

A man was driving on Old Spanish Road near Scott. He saw what he thought was a trash bag in the road. But when he ran over it, it didn’t feel like a trash bag. It felt like a person.

The driver stopped and called for help. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital for his injuries, but later died there at the scene. There’s no evidence that the driver was intoxicated. So far, no charges have been pressed.

This is an unusual case. Why was the deceased lying down in the middle of the road in the first place? It would be hard to mistake a pedestrian for a trash bag if they were standing up. On the other hand, why didn’t the driver dodge the debris? It’s dangerous to run over road debris, though sometimes it’s unavoidable when there’s traffic on either side.

A lot of questions will need to be answered before any charges can be filed or any compensation can be paid to the deceased’s family.

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