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Two Women Dead After Truck Crash

Two women have been left dead after an accident on Highway 59 near County Road 3995 in Liberty County on Thursday Afternoon. According to a statement by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, a red bob-tail truck struck a white GMC minivan sending it out of control. Two of the three women were killed as a result of the crash, with the third being sent to the hospital. Her current condition is unknown. The identities of the two victims have not yet been released pending notification of their families. Further details regarding the crash remain under investigation. The driver of the truck was not hurt in the crash. Sometimes, it simply does not matter how careful you are. Automobile accidents can happen at any time. Accidents involving cars and larger trucks can be very dangerous. The work trucks large commercial over the road rigs have are much larger than other vehicles on the road and that gives them a definite advantage. Trucks share the road with every day drivers, but often they are less maneuverable than other types of vehicles. Things such as size, turning radius and also how the truck is loaded can affect the outcome of an accident they are involved in. Because of these factors, the potential dangers for in an accident are greatly increased. Accidents can be caused by any number of factors such as road conditions, driver experience, the consumption of alcohol or drugs, and even the lack of sleep can play a crucial role in any kind of accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a truck, give us a call. Truck accidents can be very serious and can often even be deadly. You need to have the counsel of experienced attorneys in the Houston area with a proven track record in the Texas Courts. They will take the time go over the details of your case, and get the process started in order to get you the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. Give our offices a call today and speak with one of our lawyers. They will discuss all of the options surrounding your case with you and potential courses of action. We can help you in receiving the compensation for any property damage, medical expenses or other losses that were the direct result of your accident. Give our offices a call today and speak to one of our lawyers. Your initial consultation is without charge or obligation.

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