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Why you need a Lawyer

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine just who is at fault in an accident and how much compensation you can get in a case. Many people hire a lawyer just so they can sort out the legal details. Take the case of a woman who had a seizure and crashed into a home. The Houston Police Department reported that a car crashed into a home around 8 AM near East 43rd Street.  The car hit a tree in the yard then crashed into the home. A woman inside of the home was injured, but the driver was not. While the driver was definitely at fault, the fact that she had a seizure that lead to the accident doesn’t make it as cut and dry as say a DUI case. If the driver had been drunk or speeding, it would be very easy to go for a lot of damages. The lawyers involved in this case would have to look into things like the driver’s medical history as well as the insurance status of the home and the injuries that occurred to the woman inside the home. It is the lawyer’s job to argue for you in front of the court to get your side of the story heard and to help you negotiate any legal challenges that may arise. Our lawyers have helped argue thousands of cases in Houston’s courtrooms. Our focus is on accidents of all kinds. Car accidents are the most common, but we also do slip and fall cases, workplace injuries, and similar cases that involve physical injuries to one or more parties. Our full range of cases we cover can be found in the dropdown menu above. You can also read through our blog and learn many tips about how to keep yourself safe from injuries. Contrary to popular images about accident attorneys, we don’t like to see people get injured! Yet, when it happens, we’re there to help. If you’ve been injured in any way and you live in the Houston area, we urge you to give our offices a call to learn more about your options. When you’ve been injured there’s only so much time before the window to make a claim that someone hurt you closes. The longer you wait or ignore your symptoms, the less likely you’ll be able to receive compensation. Medical care is expensive, and when an injury isn’t your fault then there should be recompense from the party that injured you. Don’t delay. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options.

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