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Woman Accidentally Runs Over her Mother

A moment of inattention and a slip of attention can lead to tragedy. What happens when you accidentally kill your mother, the one who raised you? What happens in cases like these? An experienced personal injury lawyer can help sort out the details. A lady was driving her elderly mother home to Cove Hollow Drive around 9:15pm. The daughter stopped at the curb, something that she’d done a million times for her mother. Getting a message, the daughter turned her attention to her phone. When she looked up she assumed that her mother had gone inside the home, so she was extremely shocked when she pulled forward. She felt a horrific bump underneath the car tires when she began to drive away. The mother had fallen, injuring herself and putting herself out of view. Her daughter then ran over her and killed her. The daughter, as a result, was going insane with the grief that was caused by her own brief inattention. While there might not be any charges filed in this case, there are still legal ramifications to be worked out. Will there be someone else in the family to take up the mantle for the deceased mother? Are there any charges which need to be filed? If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you don’t know about the legal actions or possibilities in a personal injury case, give us a call. We can help you through with a free consultation.  

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