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Woman Flips Car and Lands on Pickup

A crash on the freeway sent a woman to the hospital along the West Loop on the Katy Freeway early Friday. The accident happened at the exit ramp for the Katy Freeway around 2:30 a.m. The woman crashed her car into a freeway divider which sent her car airborne and coming to rest against a concrete barrier, trapping the driver. According to a report by the Houston Police Department, the driver struck the rubber barrels along the exit ramp which provided the trigger for the car to go flying. The vehicle struck the hood of a pickup truck and came back onto the ground. The driver of the pickup was not injured. Rescue crews were able to free the woman from the wreckage and sent she was transported to the hospital where she is listed in stable condition. No charges have been currently been filed and the accident remains under investigation.

For many, freeways and Interstate highways provide a quick way to get through a daily commute. Most that travel on Texas freeways and Interstates arrive at their destinations safely and without incident. Even in the best of circumstances, however, accidents can happen. With so many vehicles driving on them and at higher rates of speed, the unexpected can occur and an accident is bound to happen. Because of these higher rates of speed and the sheer number of vehicles that can be found on a freeway at any given time, crashes and accidents can be very serious and involve multiple motorists. Figuring out the circumstances as to who is at fault can be both complex and time consuming.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a freeway accident, having an experienced attorney on your side is important. You need an experienced accident attorney to help sort out liability. Determining who is at fault is an essential element of successfully handling any personal injury claim. Our attorneys will work with experts that will help to determine fault and liability in freeway collisions. Recovery from freeway and Interstate accidents can take a very long time can carry a very high price tag; especially with cost of medical expenses, time off of work, damages, pain and suffering.   Such costs can get out of hand very quickly.  We are here to help you with your settlement.  Give our offices a call to make an appointment and speak with one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation. We will take the time and get the details of your specific case, we can offer suggestions and we can get your case started. Your initial consultation is both confidential and without cost to you.

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