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Woman Killed After Being Pinned Against ATM

The family of Nancy Harris of Crystal Beach Texas is mourning this weekend after the 45-year old woman succumbed to the injuries she sustained only two weeks ago in a bizarre car accident.  On Saturday morning, June 29th, Harris had driven up to a local ATM to make a transaction.  In the midst of leaning out her door to reach the ATM machine, somehow the car pulled forward.  It is unknown at this time whether the car was parked or still in gear as this happened, however when the vehicle went forward it turned left, and struck the side of the building, pinning Harris’s body between the building and the car. Harris sustained severe injuries in the crash and was air lifted to the University of Texas Medical Branch. Difficulties can arise at any time for any person when operating a vehicle. Weather, defective machinery and a thousand other factors can all lead to unexpected accidents. Such occurrences can have far reaching, as well as unforeseen, consequences that may not be apparent immediately. When an accident occurs, it is time to contact a professional to represent you, whether it is a difficult claim with insurance or an injury or even a case of liability for damages. If you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one killed, in a motor vehicle accident or any other serious personal injury claim, you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. With policies of aggressive representation for victims of personal injury, a focus on high quality, state wide services and excellence in the advice provide for our clients, we will be there for you in your difficult and confusing moments of need. We understand that each person is different and will have unique needs; our attorneys will personalize their services for you as they listen to your situation. So if you have been injured, contact our attorneys for your consultation.

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