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Woman Runs Red Light and Kills Man on Highway 90

A man has been killed in a fatal crash that closed Highway 90 in Sugar Land early Sunday. Eyewitnesses told police that a Chevrolet Tahoe ran a red light and hit a Dodge Charger. The male driver in the Charger died at the scene of the crash. The female driver of the Tahoe was sent to the hospital in stable condition. Police said the intersection’s red light cameras will assist in the investigation. Alcohol was not believed to be a factor in the crash. Studies have shown that there can be several factors for anyone running a red light. Many of those reasons are not related to alcohol. Speed is often a major factor in red light fatalities. If a driver is in a hurry or distracted, a red light accident can occur with far more frequency. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety those who run red lights are most often the most significant contributing cause of urban collisions. The NTSB or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently issued a study finding that more than 8,700 people were killed in intersection or intersection-related crashes in 2009. Most of these pedestrians, bicyclist or other drivers on the road were not aware that the at-fault driver who was ran the red light was coming. More of these accidents are being prevented by stepped-up law enforcement tools being used such as intersection or high speed cameras. These cameras ensure automated enforcement of traffic laws in areas under surveillance. If you or your loved ones have been hurt or tragically killed in an accident, you need solid and competent legal representation. Our attorneys have many years of successfully representing our clients in the Houston area and Texas courts, and we will work with due diligence to do the same for you. After an accident, the high costs of medical and rehabilitative treatment, damages, lost wages, funeral expenses and even pain and suffering can seem overwhelming. When you call, we will match you with a lawyer who can give you peace of mind. The initial consultation regarding your accident case is free. Call us today.

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